Special Issue of Physics in Medicine & Biology Journal (direct link):

Electromagnetic Modeling for Brain Stimulation

Guest Editors

Aapo R. Nummenmaa Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, United States
Zhi-De Deng National Institute of Mental Health, United States
Sofia R. Fernandes University of Lisbon, Portugal
Thomas R. Knösche Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Germany
Sergey N. Makarov (Makaroff) Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, United States


Brain stimulation therapies are important treatments for several neurological and mental disorders. Computational numerical modeling of the electric fields is an essential approach to quantify the stimulation dose, develop improved spatial targeting methods, and develop novel technology for a more effective clinical application.

The present special issue of the PMB will facilitate development of fast and accurate brain modeling methods via a dedicated set of computationally oriented contributions. We encourage submissions in three distinct forms: technical reports, reviews/consensus papers, and full-length research papers. Participation of industrial contributors is welcome.

The specific aims of this issue will include:

(i)       Computational modeling of electric and magnetic fields within the brain targeting neurostimulation (TMS, TES, DBS), associated neurophysiological recordings (EEG, MEG) as well brain cancer electromagnetic therapy with tumor treating fields (TTFs);

(ii)      Validation, integration of modeling techniques into clinical practice and broader medical/engineering education. We aim to synergistically share these computational tools for maximal benefit.

Submission process

Articles should be submitted using our online submission form. In Step 1, where the form asks the article type please select ‘Special Issue Article’. At the bottom of the page please then select “Electromagnetic Human Brain and Body Modeling: Focus on Brain Stimulation” in the ‘Select Special Issue’ drop down box. In the cover letter and on the front page of the manuscript, please clearly state the submission type. Submission of all article types accepted by PMB: About Physics in Medicine & Biology – IOPscience – Publishing Support are encouraged.

Deadline for submissions

Submissions will be accepted until November 30th 2022 however submissions earlier than this date are encouraged.